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I have a 16in 458 Socom upper put together by me, parts include
 16in KAK barrel (I think its their economy line)
Kak complete BCG
Modified Anderson upper to accept 458
Raptor clone charge handle
steel 750 gas block
Ebay(USA made) tank brake opened up for 458
12 in Trinity Force P1812 keymod handgaurd
Lee die set
lee fcd
Lee case length gauge
Hornady headspace comparator insert(homemade)
100 pieces new Starline brass,50 loaded with 325 gr HornadyFTX 43 unloaded, 3 once fired(only rounds through upper so far)
modified Lancer mag(havent used it since modifying)
50 Hornady 325gr FTX unloaded
3 mag band Im sorry, im taking my port door off and putting a plain one on[biggrin]
I have only fired 3 round through upper so I cant guarantee absolute reliability but you guys are smart. I just have too much on my plate right now, I would consider trade for 300 win mag 
I would also consider selling everything minus upper, handgaurd, and charge handle for 600 bo
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JB'sFirearms,LLC 07/02 you want NFA, we can get it for you

Come on, admit it, YOU like playing with my brass, its OK
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