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I picked me up the new 6mm ARC barrel. Got a chance to load a few rounds and kill some targets. I really like the cartridge but not so sure about the extended rifle gas on a 18 inch barrel. Rifle gas should be max on a 18 inch barrel or better yet mid gas. I need to do some more testing but the Odin barrel I have shoots pretty good. I can say this! I’m not junking my mongoose or 24GPC over the 6mm ARC. So far the only advantage the ARC has is being able to shoot the heavy bullets. I was shooting the 107 CC at about 2550 with bug hole accuracy. At 2600fps the group opened up big time. I was at 28.5grs of CFE 223. ES numbers were fantastic at 28.1. 28.5 the ES numbers went crazy and that was running 2600 FPS. I need to do some more testing.

All in all the ARC is ok but to tell you the truth I’m going bat shit crazy sitting around the house. I was tested positive for corona so I have to stay home for two weeks. I have all next week to work to play with the ARC but the configuration as it is now is not something I want as a combat weapon
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