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So I went to lath and mill school back in 2008. No DRO all manual. I was top of the class and almost received national certification but the backlash on the machines were way out of spec almost a full .01 off. Now I'm thinking about getting me a 13x40 combo lathe and mill from Smithy because of budget, space, weight, and power. Ive herd some good and some bad. Now it is something I can chamber and profile barrels with? Thank you

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You can profile and chamber barrels on the Smithy but even the best 3 in 1 machines are a compromise. I much prefer a stand alone lathe for barrel work. I owned a Shop Task machine for a while and while handy for small jobs around the house it just didn't have the rigidity I like when doing precision work. If I were looking for a gunsmithing lathe on a budget, I would look for an older used lathe like a South Bend, Clausing or Le Blond, these older lathes are way beyond the 3 in 1 machines and the newer imported lathes and can be found in good condition for reasonable prices. 
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