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I picked up one of these kits from a match and I like the Carbon Destroyer so much I added these products to my store. It’s the only carbon remover that cleans an AR bolt without scraping the carbon away. All you have to do is soak the bolt and wipe the carbon off.

Below is some information from the manufacturer.


Spartan’s GREEN chemistry is DIFFERENT FROM the competition. Invest in our "clean/lube SYSTEM" that takes you from “maintenance” to “OPTIMIZATION” and SEE for YOURSELF Improved: ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, FEEL, PERFORMANCE, ASSET LIFE and more FREE TIME.
· Improved accuracy (noticeable 90%+ of the time)
· Noticeably Smoother action – great functionality
· Decrease operating temperatures under heavy firing by 10-40%
· Reduces or Eliminates the “mirage effect”
· Protects from & REMOVES corrosion
· Extended barrel life (up to 50-500%)
· More shots before the “need to clean” (typically 2-4X more rounds)
· Dramatically faster cleaning (cuts cleaning time up to 75%)
· Safe GREEN - American made chemistry
· Excellent on ALL types of firearms (muzzle-loader to machine guns)
· Proven & endorsed by top shooters around the world
· Part of the World Record 5,025 yd shot by Charlie Melton

If you watch this video you will know without a doubt what
separates our proprietary chemistry from anything else!

The DIFFERENCE between MSS & “the others”
Accuracy Oil vs. Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil

Massive Friction Challenge – WOW!!!

Accuracy Oil vs. Rand CLP

Starter Kit Plus - #1 seller = RESULTS

· Carbon Destroyer
· Accuracy Oil
· Copper/Lead Destroyer
· Accuracy Grease
· Crystal Clear

#1 IGG GRP #5

90% less friction tightens shot groups

Do You Know Why We Are Part of a World Record Shot?

- It is because the people involved with making it know Accuracy Oil makes firearms more accurate!
The documented world record shot made by Charlie Melton on Saturday, September 30th with the help of Brad Stair using Brad's world class custom made 408 Tejas rifle with custom ammo (420 grain – velocity 3,065 ft/second) was over 5,000 yards. The rifle was measured at .25 MOA after being conditioned with Spartan Accuracy Oil. The decrease in friction from the Spartan Accuracy Oil allowed for a lower standard deviation between shots, less barrel wear and less heat buildup. These are surgical sniper rifles that need absolute minimal friction, no contaminants, and metal protection from heat and wear - all benefits that are uniquely provided by our advanced chemistry, and the primary reasons both Charlie and Brad use and endorse the products.

"Spartan lube is an amazing product. It will tighten your groups and extend the life of your barrel and firearm. I've been using it for about 6 months on my precision rifles and it is amazing."

Charlie Melton - Charlie Mike Precision

“At first I was skeptical of the major claims made by the company, but after learning about their technologies I wanted to try them. I am very glad I did. I use Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer... on my firearms, in the manufacturing process, and their TVT engine formula in my custom built high performance vehicles. Accuracy, reliability, metal protection, fast clean-up... it is all 100% TRUE!“

Brad Stair - Performance Guns

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