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Those of us that have been reloading a long time know that the US Govt (as well as most foreign arsenals) used corrosive primers in military rifle and pistol cartridges for many years.  While this old ammo is scarce by now, finding WW2 or Korean War vintage brass is still possible.

Brass originally fired with corrosive primers tends to age poorly, getting more brittle with time.  Reloaders should be careful.

I found this document which lists when each US Govt Arsenal and commercial contract ammunition supplier switched from corrosive to non-corrosive primers.  Enjoy!

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Thanks RJ. That's some good info. I've found many very old 06' cases around the ranch over the years that have various markings. They are all relegated to a drawer and will never be shot again. However, kinda neat to pull them out every once in a while and just "wonder about the journey" they've made!

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Once in a while I run into newer mfg boxer primed ammo made in Europe that has corrosive primers. I bought a case of Yugoslavian made 6.5x55 Swedish ammo, loaded in 20 round commercial boxes with 140 gr SP exposed lead tip hunting bullets. The boxes were all stamped with English sporting type markings. Made a custom 96 for my Dad, four years before he passed from cancer, went to pick up the rifle from my sister, it was beautiful, until I opened the bolt. That Yugo garbage ate up the barrel. Now I get to rebuild the rifle that has less than 20 rounds through it. Watch the Euro stuff and if you use any make sure to clean the gun well, with a good solvent. Oh, got a call about repairing a FNFAL in 308, that has been totally trashed by Euro surplus ammo. Just told him to call the folks in VA that build new FAL uppers.
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