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We brought back the Stainless HMD's after doing some weight reduction! 

They have been slimmed down to .80" and will no longer take the set-screw.  Crush-washer only now on this slimmed version.

Weight is reduced from 4.3oz to 3.2oz!

They come in:

.308 or under (any caliber .308 and under), with 5/8-24 thread.
.277 or under (any caliber .277 and under) with 5/8-24 thread.
.223/5.56mm and under (any caliber .223 and under) with 1/2-28 thread.

They are also price reduced right now to promote them again.  Melonite are $29.99 shipped and stainless are $34.95 shipped!

Here's some pics and a link!



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Anyone who might think these are a "gimmick" hasn't tried them!  The difference they make, especially in off-hand shooting, is nothing short of amazing.  And YES, those top ports REALLY work.

When testing my 20 Viper AR (20" LW barrel with a slimmed down .223 HMD), I accidently got the strap of my Magneto Speed chronograph too far forwarded and covered the rear-most holes of the HMD.  After only two rounds, I noticed the hot gasses burned right through the strap!  Only 4 holes total (2 rows of 2 holes) covered, from a tiny cartridge and a long barrel... but two rounds burned through the strap!  That's a LOT of gas being ported upwards to counteract muzzle rise!

I have at least 12 HMDs and use them on rifles that I don't intend to silence.  They work better than any other muzzle device I've tried - the next closest I've found is the Surefire WarComp at $120 each!  REMEMBER - HMD's need to be "timed" for optimal performance.  There is info here in the forum about correctly timing them for right-, left-, or universal-handed shooters. 

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